Refugio Paine Grande to Grey Glacier:
Thursdays hike on day 3 was 11 km. There was light intermittant rain with strong cold winds (60-70 km/hr) off Grey Glacier

01_PC102871_1200 02_PC102877_1200 03_PC102878_1200
Laguna Los Pasos Altitude/coordinate marker photo with
Megan, Jenny and Jane
Dani radios to EcoCamp to verify
that the ferry is running before we hike to
Grey Glacier
04_PC102880_master_hdrblend_1200 05_PC102883_1200 06_PC102888_1200
Grey Lake overlook of Grey Glacier Liza took a photo of me at the
Grey Glacier overlook on the trail.
Overheating in the cold wind off the glacier
was not a problem. Standing erect in the wind was.
Jenny and Jane get their photo
taken in windy gusts off of Grey Glacier
in the background
07_PC102890_1200 08_PC102895_1200 09_PC102898_1200
Grey Lake and Andes in the background Our ride arrives Grey Glacier
10_PC102901_1200 11_PC102907_1200 12_PC102920_1200
Grey Glacier Grey Glacier Grey Glacier
13_PC102927_1200 14_PC102945_1200 15_PC102946_1200
Grey Glacier Drifted ice at the South end of Grey Lake Overlook of Hotel Explora on the drive back to
EcoCamp from Grey Lake.
If it were clear, there would be a great view.