EcoCamp Patagonia
There are many ways to hike/backpack in Torres del Paine, and I saw many young people backpacking and sleeping in tents. I'll confess that at 66 and after not having backpacked in more than 40 years, I was looking for a more comfortable option. EcoCamp was a luxurious venue to trek in Torres del Paine by any measure. Having a knowledgeable guide to introduce me to the geology, flora and fauna of the area allowed me to get the most out of my trekking experience with minimal chance that something would go wrong. The food in EcoCamp was excellent and offered a wide selection for vegetarians as well as omivores (like me).
The group I was in consisted of 12 people from 20 years to 66 years of age. There were two married couples each with their son who attended as well as travelers who came as singles or in traveling pairs. Nationalities of members of our group included:
United States, Germany, Australia and Israel.

01_PC082751_1200 02_PC082752_1000 03_PC072737_1200
EcoCamp Standard domes with towers of Torres
del Paine in the background on first morning in camp
Standard dome 4 where I stayed for
4 of the nights of the trip.

Inside of Dome 4: Wood floors
and a very warm and comfortable bed.
The last night that I stayed in EcoCamp,
temperature dropped well below
freezing. I was as warm and as comfortable
as could be in the standard dome.

04_PC082745_1200 05_PC082747_1200 06_PC102948_1200
Red Fox (Culpeo) Lycalopex culpaeus
in EcoCamp on the first morning in EcoCamp.
A breeding pair of foxes were seen
hunting (for rodents and hares) the first morning.
Ecocamp view at Dawn Meeting room in EcoCamp
07_PC102951_1200 08_PC102952_1200 09_PC102958_1200
Dinning room in EcoCamp Meeting room and bar in EcoCamp.
Multiple groups interfaced at EcoCamp
simultaneously. However, dining times were
coordinated so that you primarily interacted
with members of your own group.
Our guides, Dani and Diego, holding a map to
orient for the next day's hike
10_PC102962_1200 11_PC102963_1200 12_PC112967_1200
Seema, Jenny, Liza and Jane Jane and Nik Southern Crested Caracara (Caracara
) in EcoCamp
13_PC113048_1200 14_PC113052_1200 15_PC113054_1000
Marina and Liza Dani our main guide Megan sharing photos with Dani and Diego
16_PC123114_900 17_PC123059_1200 18_PC133129_1200
Menu choices for an evening meal Light snow dusting at higher elevation
at dawn of hiking day 5 above
dome 4 in EcoCamp
The last morning before I left,
a juvenile Puma walked through
EcoCamp, and I watched it hunting
hares as it left EcoCamp
Click for brief 15.1MB Video:
Puma on the access road