UV Filter Effects with EF 70-300mm DO IS lens

Under some (but not all) lighting conditions, a UV filter will decrease image contrast slightly. If you use a protective filter to cover your front lens element, it is better to use a clear, multicoated filter than a UV filter. The best examples below are the crape myrtles (Img 3151-3154).

IMG_3135_UV IMG_3136_none
IMG_3135_UV.jpg IMG_3136_none.jpg
IMG_3140_UV IMG_3141_none
IMG_3140_UV.jpg IMG_3141_none.jpg
IMG_3142_UV IMG_3144_none
IMG_3142_UV.jpg IMG_3144_none.jpg
IMG_3145_UV IMG_3146_none
IMG_3145_UV.jpg IMG_3146_none.jpg
IMG_3151_UV IMG_3152_none
IMG_3151_UV.jpg IMG_3152_none.jpg
IMG_3153_UV IMG_3154_none
IMG_3153_UV.jpg IMG_3154_none.jpg
IMG_3155_UV IMG_3156_none
IMG_3155_UV.jpg IMG_3156_none.jpg
IMG_3165_UV IMG_3166_none
IMG_3165_UV.jpg IMG_3166_none.jpg