Method Note 2

Resolution tests were run with the IS and non-IS lenses set at 135mm mounted on a Bogen 3033/Arca Swiss B1 tripod/head combination. The IS lens was set with IS off. Two exposures at 1/250th second were taken with an EOS-1Ds (ISO 400, RAW, custom white balance) and with an EOS-1n using Fuji NPH. A single monolight/soft box was used with flash meter settings the same. Working distance was the same for the two lenses. The RAW digital images were converted to jpg with Capture One DSLR 1.2. The developed film was scanned with a Polaroid SprintScan Plus scanner and image desaturated. The right eye image was cropped from the full frame images (example shown below) and subjected to comparable sharpening in Photoshop.

Full frame image of my ever-patient and cooperative mannequin (Monique). Taken with EOS-1Ds and EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens. Settings: 135mm, f/5.6, iso 400, 1/250th second on tripod. Single monolight/soft box. Focus point was the right eye.