Canon EOS 40D
Microscope Application

Canon EOS 40D on Nikon Microscope showing live preview screen feed through Canon EOS Utility program.

The 40D is mounted on a Nikon Eclipse E800 microscope that previously was used with a film camera (U-III Photomicrography system). The film camera was removed, a T-ring mounded on a Nikon camera tube. Kenko extension tubes are added to get the camera sensor level near the previous film plane level with the U-III camera.
The E800 uses a Nikon 2.5 PLI projector lens. Photomicrographs are taken through Nikon Plan Apo 40X/0.95 and 60X/0.95 DIC M objectives.

Full Windows XP screen capture during live preview with EOS Utility program for live preview and camera operation.

Zoom View Icon at bottom of camera control panel.

Full Windows XP Screen capture with Zoom View activated. Live preview has minimal lag and allows very precise real-time focus from the computer screen. Other cameras tested required use of an angle finder to focus precisely (not as precise as with live preview).

Detail of images with 40D, 20D and XTi

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